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In Andhra Pradesh near Eluru, Pedavgi, rural life is hard, half of the population of these villages live below the poverty line and many are illiterate. There is not enough work and so families in this area must struggle to survive. Landlords very sadly use child labourers to work on cotton and rice crops or to look after livestock. Too many under the age of 14 earn a living in these fields helping support their families whilst many others are left on the streets trying to earn enough money just to buy food. Education doesn’t seem important to most, schooling costs money and when money is short then it is education that is missed.

Poverty eliminates any chance of an education that these children might be given and without help the poverty cycle will never be broken.

Many children are living in unimaginable situations of squaller, broken homes and child labour and we believe that one thing that can help break the cycle for these children is to have a proper education and to be entitled to that education from early childhood, providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a successful and healthy adult life.

And so St Mary’s Trust was set up to just that, to provide children with an education to last them forever whilst also providing stability and security, mentally, socially and spiritually, giving them back the childhood they deserve with food, shelter, clothing and education. St Mary’s Charitable Trust is one of many success stories that is making a difference to a child’s life. Thank you for showing an interest in our charity and the children of Eluru Pedavgi.

  • A Visit from Deacon Keith

    SMC recently welcomed Deacon Keith from Christ the King Parish in Coventry.

    He will be spending some time at the charity and with the children before taking the good news back to Coventry with him.

    During his visit Sewing Machines were gifted and distributed to local ladies who have recently completed an empowerment course at SMC giving them new skills and opportunities for work and employment.

The purpose built Don Bosco Boarding Home provides a home, security and hope to children that would otherwise face many struggles in their young lives.

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There is always more we can do to help the children and their families in need. Upkeep of the Boarding School or larger projects or outreach work.

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With the support of UK based sponsors, benefactors and donations, St Mary’s Trust owns it own land and boarding home.

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Registered address: St Mary’s Educational and Charitable Trust, 23 Redhouse Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV68SU. Registered Charity No: 1113945.