There is always more we can do to help the children and their families in need, both large and small. Sometimes it may be as simple as the upkeep of the Boarding home and other times larger projects or outreach work.

  1. Boys Toilets

    Boys Toilets

    Work is being carried to refurbish the boys toilet block at the school. The current building will under go a complete refit. Tiled throughout, new privacy screens, urinals and hand wash facilities.

    February 2019 – Work on refurbishing the Boys Toilets has now finished and is being putting to good use!!

  2. Future Plans & Projects

    New Windows

    When some of the original buildings were built, windows were not installed choosing instead to go with mesh or bars for safety but also to allow the air to blow through to keep the rooms cooler. During the rainy season this doesn’t work so well and we now feel that sliding windows would be much better that can be closed during the wet season. Prices are being gathered and considered as a future project.

  3. Boundary Wall

    Boundary Wall

    The Boarding Home and School is nestled within farm land. To improve safety and to keep unwanted animals and snakes at bay we would like in time to have a wall built around the site. We are currently getting quotes from local builders and will be discussing with the Board of Trustees the possibilities.

    In February 2019 work began on constructing a 1.8m high wall around the perimeter of the site. This project is long awaited and needed, but other projects needed for the children have always come first.  Finally we are in a position to begin work. The work is expected to take around 6 weeks.

  4. School Benches

    School Benches

    We have plans to replace some of the current benches the children are using with new ones and to provide extra seating when required.

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